Consciousness, Hallucinations and the evolution of human perception

Too much Too soon

We can define a hallucination, roughly, as a perception that exists in the absence of external stimulus and feels real. The question I’d like answered is, how do we determine that there is, in fact, a lack of external stimulus?

We cannot reasonably assert that our ordinary waking consciousness is necessarily the broadest, most accurate lens through which one perceives the external world.

The human nervous system has evolved over the last few hundred million years to deal with a very specific and specialized set of circumstances, namely survival on the plains of Africa.

Our brains seem to be best adapted to solving the problems of spotting predator and prey, picking berries and seeds, and finding shelter. Our consciousness, for the longest time, according to modern science, has been concerned with this very limited cross-section of what we’d now term as reality.

Now this mode of operation is not necessarily…

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Thank You – 23 February 2016

Thank you life – for having me, nurturing me, and letting me enjoy the beautiful path that you’ve set out for me, all the while I realize that it’s not what you set but what I set for myself. All my actions result in fruits for myself. I am the creator of everything that comes to me. It was all created for me and all of it serves the best version of their services to me. And I thank them for it from my heart.
I thank my office, my home, my family for serving me dutifully and bringing abundance to me. I love you all. I love and approve of myself. I am willing to change. I am open to all that elevated me to let me meet my higher self.
Good Night !

Thank You – 21 February 2016

Thank you life for having me, for nurturing me, for taking care of me,for letting me give while receiving abundantly. I realize that you have a plan for me, the signs to which are yet awaited. To my dearest angels and my higher self, I devote this magnificent day to you. Right from the morning to the night, you have been benevolent and you humble me.
Thank you for blessing me and I know that you’ll always take care of me, cherish me, all the while guiding me. Cheers to the day that we’re about to start.
I love and approve of myself. I am one of God’s perfect creations. I am open and willing to all change. I am ready to accept all that will elevate me and let me meet my higher self.
Good night!

Thank You – 20 February 2016

Thank You Life for having me, for nurturing me, giving me a chance to provide while receiving so benevolently. I thank you for the food that I ate, the chefs who created it, the boy who delivered it. I thank Doreen Virtue for the most amazing meditation audio ever. It totally made my day. I feel really light and energized, prepared for many more battles to come.
And I, from the bottom of my heart, am grateful and gratuitous to the angels who are here as my guests to bless me and enjoy with me. I thank my wife for being a part of this awesome day and spending so much quality time with me after ages. I thank my parents for being healthy. I send all my love to every person I know to let them have one of the best days of their lives tomorrow.
I love and approve of myself. I am willing to change. I am open to all that elevates me to my higher self, my God, myself. I am loved and I love everyone unconditionally.
Good night!

Thank You Life – 29 November 2015

Thank You Life; to have given me enough messages in a day to last for a while. It’ll possibly take me some time to decipher all of them but I am awestruck by the quality of the day I could spend for my own paltry standards. First I had a chat with Pravesh; who, I can now safely say, will be some kind of advisor in my journey. He gave me hints and methods that may not only empower me but possibly lead me to a better existence. Thanks a ton dude for all your help. Then I watched Tamasha; a movie so filled with messages for confused and stuck people like me. I think I’m quite certain that what I’m doing now doesn’t serve my purpose any more. But till I find a better sustainable way to earn, it has to be my means for income.

I thank all the food I ate today. I loved it all. I thank the makers of the food and I send across my love to all of them; and to all who have made my day so much more meaningful.

I’m a wonderful creation and I am more than capable to create them too. I love myself. I love everyone. I’m accepted. I’m safe. I’m willing to change. I’m open and receptive to all that elevates me.

Thank You Life – 28 November 2015

Thank You Life; for giving me this day to relax. Thank you for letting me complete my note.

Thank You all for letting me connect with myself and giving me signs that I can be a better person and there is a lot of scope to improve.

I am a wonderful product of nature and I’m slowly starting to connect back to it. I am coming out to the world to enthrall them with my words.

I am loved and approved by all. I love all. I am safe. I am willing to change. I am open and receptive to all that elevates me.

Thank You Life – 🔞 November 2015

Thank You Life; for treating me so kindly. I feel you’re a bit angry at me and I’ll say you’re justified in that angst. But in trying very hard to come to you – just you! The only hope I have is for you to love me again and give me a chance to prove it.

Thank You Sun; for having lit my noon so bright. I loved your heat and I felt your arms tightly wrapped around me. It clearly was the best part of my day. I am in awe of your power and I pray that you forever some my path.

Thank You Trees; for having covered my path, to have let me come close to you, touch you and caress you. You’re beautiful and I submit to your beauty.

I love and approve of myself. I am safe. I am willing to change. I am open and receptive to all that elevates me.

Thank You – 16 November 2015

Thank You Life; to have made me go through my day. I am a growing picture of fearless.

Thank You Office; for having let me space to calm down. Office is my second home and I thank each and everyone there to have given me confidence to grow from strength to strength.

Thank You Enigma; for giving us this song –

I’ve heard nothing else all day. It’s a soul touching song. Just the calmness calls for a trance like state – forgetting and living.

I trust my life to give me all that levitates me towards my higher self. I love you!

Thank You Life – 15 November 2015

Thank You Life; to have given me an amazing day of meditation. I finally realized light entering me, playing with me, and touching me. Thank You for an out-of-body experience that I’ll never forget.

Thank You Baby; to have lent me an enchanting evening. Thank You for trusting me again.

I’m sorry dear friend; if I was rude and hurt you in any way. You see I’m a novice and have just started on a journey that already has experiences galore stored for me and I am an infant to even understand your message. Thank You for that tight hug and letting me know that our bond still stays strong.

Thank You Body; for letting me feel healthy again. I am going to treat you well.

I love and approve of myself.
I am safe.
I am willing to change.
I am open and receptive to all that elevates me.

Thank You Life – 14 November 2015

Thank You Life; for helping me through this day. I am grateful to you for I could finally write and initiate a spark that I plan to carry with me. A spark that fills this dark void with hope and births a belief that all inhibition only resides within me; that it’s only a figment of my imagination and that nothing is beyond me. Today I understood and accepted the call of this universe and laid bare my heart and soul. Today I give myself into your request to start flowing with the river again. Today I accept the light that I finally saw on my path. I am grateful to you to have given me a goal to pursue.

Thank You Darkness; to have hinted to me the importance of light. To have hinted to me that may be the light that truly beckons me, is knocking on my doorstep but me, the mortal, in this vague body, isn’t yet capable of hearing the sound of the knock or finding the door that shows me the way. Today I open my heart and soul to all that’ll elevate me. Thank You for the peace you gave me during my journey on that path.

Thank You Light; in whichever form you came, I finally saw you, felt you fill me, slowly shifting, chasing the dark away, paving way for all that is yet to come. I’ll come to you tomorrow again and we’ll have our time together. Let’s rock and roll!

I am thrilled with my experience today and the peace that engulfs me is liberating. I wish for a lot more and I am prepared to work for it.

I am open and receptive to all that will elevate me and lets me meet my higher self.