I Forgot to Forgive, Express Gratitude and Seek Forgiveness

32 years and 9 days later, I answer the question that should have hit me when I hit my puberty “What did I forget?”. Thank You Sreejit for bringing it across me, for this is what I’ve lacked – True Forgiveness and Unrelenting Gratitude.

In this mayhem to get ahead in life, earn money, survive, and become the twinkle in someone’s eye, I lost mine. And today, during the most auspicious period in Hindu calendar – Diwali, I lay bare my demons, slay them finally, and move on. I forgot and failed to FORGIVE and I now make up for it.

Today I won’t question the motive of the demons that hurt me – I will only forgive you all. My process has cleared the clutter that has resided deep inside my head and heart, colluding my judgement, and severing my path to reach the higher me. I’ve realized that it’s only me who gave the clutter the space that it clearly never deserved.

I pledge to myself and promise my inner child that you are and will forever be in my thoughts. I now care for you and I’ll never forget you. You and I have lived long enough to understand that this load on our shoulders isn’t ours to carry. I will no longer let my power reside outside my body. I will only serve myself and the world through my higher self.


And I now decide to get rid of all my past and I believe that nothing will work better for me than forgiveness and gratitude. I hereby forgive everyone who has ever given me pain, suffering, and humiliation in any form. I forgive everyone who has broken my heart and forsaken me. And above all, I forgive everyone who has ever betrayed my trust. I now look at you in the same light as mine.


I thank everyone, especially my parents and teachers to have made me capable enough to ponder upon who I can be and really want to be. Thank You everyone for forgiving me when I made mistakes – conscious or unconscious. Thank You everyone for sticking by me during my duress.Thank You for lending me your shoulders to cry on.

Now I’ve got to run towards my light, my real being, my higher self!