Thank You – 20 February 2016

Thank You Life for having me, for nurturing me, giving me a chance to provide while receiving so benevolently. I thank you for the food that I ate, the chefs who created it, the boy who delivered it. I thank Doreen Virtue for the most amazing meditation audio ever. It totally made my day. I feel really light and energized, prepared for many more battles to come.
And I, from the bottom of my heart, am grateful and gratuitous to the angels who are here as my guests to bless me and enjoy with me. I thank my wife for being a part of this awesome day and spending so much quality time with me after ages. I thank my parents for being healthy. I send all my love to every person I know to let them have one of the best days of their lives tomorrow.
I love and approve of myself. I am willing to change. I am open to all that elevates me to my higher self, my God, myself. I am loved and I love everyone unconditionally.
Good night!


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