Thank You – 23 February 2016

Thank you life – for having me, nurturing me, and letting me enjoy the beautiful path that you’ve set out for me, all the while I realize that it’s not what you set but what I set for myself. All my actions result in fruits for myself. I am the creator of everything that comes to me. It was all created for me and all of it serves the best version of their services to me. And I thank them for it from my heart.
I thank my office, my home, my family for serving me dutifully and bringing abundance to me. I love you all. I love and approve of myself. I am willing to change. I am open to all that elevated me to let me meet my higher self.
Good Night !


Thank You – 21 February 2016

Thank you life for having me, for nurturing me, for taking care of me,for letting me give while receiving abundantly. I realize that you have a plan for me, the signs to which are yet awaited. To my dearest angels and my higher self, I devote this magnificent day to you. Right from the morning to the night, you have been benevolent and you humble me.
Thank you for blessing me and I know that you’ll always take care of me, cherish me, all the while guiding me. Cheers to the day that we’re about to start.
I love and approve of myself. I am one of God’s perfect creations. I am open and willing to all change. I am ready to accept all that will elevate me and let me meet my higher self.
Good night!

Thank You – 20 February 2016

Thank You Life for having me, for nurturing me, giving me a chance to provide while receiving so benevolently. I thank you for the food that I ate, the chefs who created it, the boy who delivered it. I thank Doreen Virtue for the most amazing meditation audio ever. It totally made my day. I feel really light and energized, prepared for many more battles to come.
And I, from the bottom of my heart, am grateful and gratuitous to the angels who are here as my guests to bless me and enjoy with me. I thank my wife for being a part of this awesome day and spending so much quality time with me after ages. I thank my parents for being healthy. I send all my love to every person I know to let them have one of the best days of their lives tomorrow.
I love and approve of myself. I am willing to change. I am open to all that elevates me to my higher self, my God, myself. I am loved and I love everyone unconditionally.
Good night!

Superstitions and Awareness

It’s been a while since I started asking life to guide me rather than let me guide the life. For once, I want to get rid of the power and responsibility that has for so long bogged me down. I just need indications, some as subtle as a breeze, some as powerful as an emotion that tears apart any thought that may misguide me. I get them, in numbers, in colors, in sounds, in aromas, and in the random images in my head for I need to know my patterns.

About these sensations, it’s tough to start feeling them. They don’t come so easy. But once you do start to feel them, they are absolutely precious and you don’t want to let them go. You treasure them, remember them and start associating them to your random actions that may have triggered them. And these are what I call superstitions.

“Oh, now I understand why I’m having such a bad day at work… I forgot my handkerchief”.

Alright this one happened to me, about 3 years ago and I remember it as clear as day that it was – I was leaving for my office when I stepped on a piece of cow-dung while getting on my bike. Now, as a normal plan of action created in haste would be, I tried cleaning my shoe against a stone and started on my journey not realizing the kind of peril I am indulging in. A kilometer from my house and I met with an accident because someone in a real Indian haste, had popped into the wrong lane and banged into me. Now it was easy for me to start yelling at the stupidity of that moment but the fact that nothing had happened to me prevented me from taking any further action.

I now look back to that day and see how I may have averted that action myself. I now realize that while all of it seems to be the fault of the person coming in the wrong lane, my foot had slipped too, off from the brake pedal because of the dung that had stuck to my shoe which took me a bit farther even when I did apply the pressure on the pedal in time. Also, what haste did to me was, took me away from the necessary action of washing my shoe sole before leaving for work. What was I thinking going to work with dung sticking to my shoe?

Not that I have to forgive myself for the accident or the other person for the accident but that’s how life is – unpredictable. Both he and I had laid the foundation for an accident way before we actually met with one. They are just actions – unknown and unpredictable. We never went out to hurt each other intentionally and thankfully we didn’t but these are situations that lay the perfect ground for a superstition –

“Never in my life must I leave my house if I’ve stepped onto cow dung, much like never step a foot across the line in which a black cat has crossed the road.”

In fact, coming to think of it, I have actually fallen off my bicycle after a black cat crossed the road, but that was way back when I was a child and didn’t know what to make of it. Ahhh… a child’s mind, its innocence and what would I give to have it now. However, cometh a superstition, and followeth the remedy – and only heaven knows what form of depravity will that be made of. Brooms, potatoes, bananas, combined with wizardry and sorcery, with incense sticks burning – man, just give me all of that and I’ll surely put them to their respective uses than killing the demons of my action.

Now, the awareness of the situation could have made me think of the damage that I may cause to people in case I couldn’t press the brake pedal with the dung-laden foot. But who knew?! And only in the interest of other humans, I should have washed my shoe. That is what we all must do – take a minute and think of the damage that our actions may cause to other humans. We must always be thoughtful of the physical damage that we may cause to others.

And awareness will always kill superstitions. Never let your inner guidance rise to the level of superstitions. If the guidance comes and you realize it, it will come again, in the same form or the other. Just, be patient. Nature made you and it’ll surely guide you.