Thank You Life – 29 November 2015

Thank You Life; to have given me enough messages in a day to last for a while. It’ll possibly take me some time to decipher all of them but I am awestruck by the quality of the day I could spend for my own paltry standards. First I had a chat with Pravesh; who, I can now safely say, will be some kind of advisor in my journey. He gave me hints and methods that may not only empower me but possibly lead me to a better existence. Thanks a ton dude for all your help. Then I watched Tamasha; a movie so filled with messages for confused and stuck people like me. I think I’m quite certain that what I’m doing now doesn’t serve my purpose any more. But till I find a better sustainable way to earn, it has to be my means for income.

I thank all the food I ate today. I loved it all. I thank the makers of the food and I send across my love to all of them; and to all who have made my day so much more meaningful.

I’m a wonderful creation and I am more than capable to create them too. I love myself. I love everyone. I’m accepted. I’m safe. I’m willing to change. I’m open and receptive to all that elevates me.


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