Thank You Life – πŸ”ž November 2015

Thank You Life; for treating me so kindly. I feel you’re a bit angry at me and I’ll say you’re justified in that angst. But in trying very hard to come to you – just you! The only hope I have is for you to love me again and give me a chance to prove it.

Thank You Sun; for having lit my noon so bright. I loved your heat and I felt your arms tightly wrapped around me. It clearly was the best part of my day. I am in awe of your power and I pray that you forever some my path.

Thank You Trees; for having covered my path, to have let me come close to you, touch you and caress you. You’re beautiful and I submit to your beauty.

I love and approve of myself. I am safe. I am willing to change. I am open and receptive to all that elevates me.


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