Thank You Life – 14 November 2015

Thank You Life; for helping me through this day. I am grateful to you for I could finally write and initiate a spark that I plan to carry with me. A spark that fills this dark void with hope and births a belief that all inhibition only resides within me; that it’s only a figment of my imagination and that nothing is beyond me. Today I understood and accepted the call of this universe and laid bare my heart and soul. Today I give myself into your request to start flowing with the river again. Today I accept the light that I finally saw on my path. I am grateful to you to have given me a goal to pursue.

Thank You Darkness; to have hinted to me the importance of light. To have hinted to me that may be the light that truly beckons me, is knocking on my doorstep but me, the mortal, in this vague body, isn’t yet capable of hearing the sound of the knock or finding the door that shows me the way. Today I open my heart and soul to all that’ll elevate me. Thank You for the peace you gave me during my journey on that path.

Thank You Light; in whichever form you came, I finally saw you, felt you fill me, slowly shifting, chasing the dark away, paving way for all that is yet to come. I’ll come to you tomorrow again and we’ll have our time together. Let’s rock and roll!

I am thrilled with my experience today and the peace that engulfs me is liberating. I wish for a lot more and I am prepared to work for it.

I am open and receptive to all that will elevate me and lets me meet my higher self.


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