Thank You Life – 13 November 2015

Thank You Life; for having me. Thank You for being so kind and abundant.
Thank You Air; for letting me breathe you. Thank You to let me feel the amazing aromas in my surroundings and to let me feel alive and conscious.
Thank You Water; for quenching my thirst for pain and washing the dust and dirt of anger from my heart. Thank You for keeping me alive.
Thank You Mother Earth; to have supported me for so long and giving me the necessary food and minerals. Thank You for letting me walk over you.
Thank You Fire; for keeping me warm and letting me have cooked food. Thank You for the light you bring in my life.
Thank You Sun; for filling my soul daily with such abundant and empowering light. Thank You for giving me day and night.
Thank You My Body; to have lived through another day of learning and acquiring memories that I’ll forever cherish. Thank You for covering, cushioning, and nourishing my soul. I love you!
Thank You My Inner Child; to have turned into my guiding light and my aim is to forever keep you happy and cheerful.
Thank You Everyone and Everything else; for being a part of my journey of experiences – My Life!


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